Kids' Service Opportunity: School Supplies for Catching Fireflies, Good Shops, Teaching Service: Ann Arbor, Berkely, Rochester, MI

All photos via catching fireflies ~ April McCrumb

I feel like one of the most important roles I have as a parent is to teach my kids to be grateful, unselfish and to give back to the world that has provided our family so much. I look for any opportunity to let my children be part of giving, especially if it is for a good cause and something they can find a real connection with.

Catching Fireflies, a darling store in Ann Arbor, Berkley, and Rochester is making giving back especially fun this year as they host a school supply drive for children in need.

As we all go back to school and spend a strangely large amount of money on school supplies, it's a great opportunity to remind our kids that for many families providing the basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing is difficult, so new pens, notebooks and markers are not in the cards. It's a great time of year to encourage kiddos to give back.

Giving at our house is always most effective if my kids use some of their hard earned money to benefit someone else. If they don't have any money of their own, we offer jobs to do around the house or yard to earn a few dollars so they can contribute. We will often match what the kids are willing to give so we have a little more money to work with. Buying school supplies is a great option because a little money goes a long way with all the deals and steals out there.

After we have totaled the money, we shop together for school supplies that my boys would especially like and buy them for others. It is always a little hard because my kids want to buy something for themselves in the moment, but I think it is best to make the entire trip about giving.

If you choose to donate school supplies this year, you can take them to Catching Fireflies in the  Kerrytown area of Ann Arbor, Berkley or Rochester, MI. It's always fun to add your donations to a larger group and estimate how many kids might be helped because lots of people were willing to give a little. It makes doing good especially exciting.

If you donate your school supplies at Catching Fireflies, your children will receive a little "Seed of Happiness" as a token of appreciation. What a great way to share the love!

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