A Box of Christmas Games we Love!

 All December long we look forward to opening our Santa Game Box filled with 11 games and playing them whenever we have a chance. They are simple, fun and easy to play games that are perfect for kids 4-11. My amazing great aunt, Luella who lives in Canada, made them for us and they have been such a treat.

I have also used them at class parties and neighborhood parties and any time I bring them out, everyone wants to know where they came from and how they can get them. I finally asked my aunt if she had a CD with them so others could make them or if she made them to sell...great news, SHE DOES!

The price is incredibly reasonable..10 games in the awesome box for $35 or you can pick and choose your favorites and fill your own box. You also have the option to purchase the CD for $18 and make your own if you are the crafting type...since I am not, the price of the finished games is a steal!

It's too late to order them for this Christmas, but order them now for next Christmas! It makes a great gift for anyone with kids, teachers, grandparents, friends...they will LOVE it!

One suggestions, Snowman Cootie does not come in the game box, but it is our favorite, definitely add it to your game list!! If you have questions or would like to order, contact lupayne@yahoo.com.

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