Reimbursed ski and snowboard lessons in January from and

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Friends, there is some really exciting news this month...January is Learn to Ski month and basically the entire country is covered in fluffy white stuff, so it is the perfect time for you and your kiddos to take a ski or snowboard lesson! And, if you do, and you save your receipt... and have made a very generous offer and will give you a $50 credit toward ski or snowboard gear on their site! But, you must send a copy of your receipt to them before January 31st. Amazing deal...learn to ski and get free gear.

Here are the step by steps:

1. Take a ski or snowboard lesson from a professional before January 31st, works for children or adults.  SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!
2. Email a copy of your receipt (one per person) to the correct email address, either: or
3. You will be sent a $50 voucher over email, regardless of how much your lesson cost.
4. Visit or to redeem the code on any purchase of $100 or more, works for anything on the site.

So easy, hassle free and a great way to create a new generation of snow lovers. It's going to be cold for the next few months, so we might as well learn to enjoy it, right? Thanks and!

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