A few blogs worth your time...

Today I am especially excited about Bon Bon Break featuring my recent post: No Leprechauns, No Elves, No Valentine's Boxes and Why that is Okay!

If you are unfamiliar with Bon Bon Break, it is an online magazine that creates original content and combs the internet to find the best blog posts for moms in 7 different categories. It's really great for those with no time to blog surf...you can get the best of the best in one spot. As a writer, I especially respect the fact that they let you read part of the article on their site, then direct you to the full article on the author's site. It's cool to give credit to the original source :)! So, if you have never visited Bon Bon Break, give it a try...I think you will love it!

A few articles on the site right now that you shouldn't miss:

Stop Complaining About Allergies by Kristin Shaw: Now, I have no attachment to bringing birthday treats like the article was talking about, but we did live in a school district where no peanuts, tree nuts or anything made in a factory with them was allowed. I have to admit, I hated it. My kids don't like lunch meat and one is lactose intolerant, so it left very few healthy options for home lunch or snacks, but after reading her article, I had a viewpoint shift. Well done!

12 Fail Proof Crops For Beginners by Attainable Sustainable: We have had such an enjoyable time gardening together for the last 2 summers and we are excited to start again, but I must admit, gardening is much more rewarding when food actually grows :). Great tips here!

7 Ways to Make Your Kid a Better Student by The (Reformed) Idealist Mom: I have a passion for education, so this article got me thinking and evaluating our own home, how we are doing things, and what we can do better. A great read for anyone with little ones!

I also have to give a shout out to a few of the blogs and sites who have featured and supported my article in the last few weeks.  I was especially honored because these blogs are beautiful, creative and some of my favorites.

image via 6th Street Design School

6th Street Design School...my favorite design blog on the web. I have been following Kirsten since the beginning and she is so amazing! I love everything she does.

image via A Lovely Lark

A Lovely Lark...such a gorgeous blog with so much style inspiration. She almost makes me want to have another baby so I can design the nursery with one of her plans ;).

Za'atar Chicken Tacos | mountainmamacooks.com
image via Mountain Mama Cooks

Mountain Mama Cooks...this one was new to me, but her food looks delicious!

KSL Studio 5...doing the interview with Brooke Walker was such a fun experience!

 photo IMG_9854x.jpg
image via Little Green Notebook

I have also loved Little Green Notebook forever. She didn't highlight my article, but I can't not include her in my favorite blogs post ;). She has lots of DIYs that are too much for me, but her style is inspirational.

Do you have a blog or site you love to check in with? Please share it with me!