The Mascara that Doubled my Eyelashes: Younique 3D Lashes

My eyes have always been more practical than decorative. They've done a nice job performing their required function, but they are just Blah...light brown, a bit deep set, small eyelids, short lackluster eyelashes, and to quote one esthetician in DC, "Horrible eyebrows!"

I'm at peace with my below average eyes and often wear no eye make up at all, usually playing up my lips and smile with a great lipstick, but it doesn't mean I don't sometimes wish I had doe-like eyes, eyelashes for days, and perfect brows. When eyelash extensions hit the market, I thought I would be the perfect candidate, until I realized you actually had to keep them up and pay for them, two things I wouldn't likely do.

So, when a friend sent me some mascara that she promised would change my life, I was more than skeptical. I had already tried all the mascaras that promised "fuller, thicker, longer lashes," and nothing had delivered. But, trying never hurts, right? So, I whipped out the Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara and gave it a shot. I was so shocked with the result, I just stared and stared. For one, you put it on just like mascara...even someone like me can't mess it up, and two, it legitimately made my lashes fuller and longer. With 2 coats, I had eyelashes you could actually see (but not ones that looked unnatural or a little scary)! I was beyond thrilled and must admit, spent more time looking in the mirror than usual.

Please forgive the horrible lighting, obvious wrinkles, and kind of scary eye was the best I could do :).
I went to Mother's Day dinner and my mom and sisters noticed and thought I was wearing fake eyelashes or had done Latisse (proof of how lame my real lashes are since these just made me look "normal"). I was sold for life on the mascara. Some just use it for special occasions, which is what I thought I would do, but I am a bit addicted to having eyelashes for the first time ever.

I loved the mascara so much, I was basically walking around selling it, so I just decided to sell it myself. If you are interested in ordering, click HERE. If you want a little more info, here are more details:
Need more answers to FAQs? Click HERE!

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