Personalized Christmas Cards at Half the Price!

I LOVE Christmas cards. We have moved around so much and have made so many friends along the way, that the highlight of the season is receiving correspondence from all those who have changed our lives for the better. 

With each move and each year, my Christmas card list keeps growing and postage keeps going up. I wanted to find a more affordable yet still personal way to stay in touch. I started using Vistaprint for Christmas cards and I have been so impressed. What I love most is that you can customize your card with your own words and pictures on the front and back without having Photoshop or another editing program. To order 100 fully customzied cards on thick paper, colored front and back, the cost is only $65 this year because ALL cards are 50% off with the code HOLIDAYSHIP! Such a great deal!

Customizing is pretty easy. You just click on Holiday Cards, select your size (I usually do a 5x7), then you select "Upload my own design." You upload your photo, and then it lets you play with text boxes for font, size, color, etc. You can upload as many pictures and text boxes as you need and arrange them to your liking. They also have designers available to walk you through your questions and ensure your card is perfect. Make certain you request a PDF before you order to catch any last minute typos. This is also how you would order prints of a card someone else designed for you.

They also have beautiful designer cards that are incredibly inexpensive too...$72 for 100 of those. On Shutterfly for a basic card with a 50% off coupon, 100 cards cost $113. Really, the prices cannot be beat and I am so happy with the quality. 

To get a $10 credit on your account and check out Vistaprint's line of holiday cards, click HERE.

I wanted to share some of my past card designs and drafts that I created. I don't claim to be a designer or to have the world's most creative or elegant card, but they served the perfect purpose for me. These photos look a little fuzzy, but the actual cards were GREAT quality. The proofs I could copy on the web were just at a much lower resolution. 

Last year's card that doubled as a "We've Moved!" So convenient.

Our Thanksgiving card a few years ago that doubled as a birth announcement. 

An option for our card 2 years ago. Love how you can arrange things around your photo and have room to write a few things on the back too.

A designer card from this year's Vistaprint collection. I love this one. 

A card option for an extended family photo taken a few years ago.
Some of my favorite cards Vista offers this year. Start designing HERE!
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