Scripture Advent Calendar Including Deeper Questions and Discussion Prompts for an Older Family

I love bringing Christ into Christmas and having an advent calendar focused on Him, really helped us at the end of each day last year. This year, I wanted to keep the focus on Christ but dig a little deeper and add some self reflection and good discussion to our nightly advent scripture. I hope these scriptures and questions help get your family (and mine too), focused on the true reason for the season. 

You can copy and paste these into a Word Doc, cut them in strips and stuff them in your advent calendar. They would also work really well for a Sunday School or Youth lesson around Christmas time. 

If your family is a little young for discussion but you still want to do a scripture advent calendar, try this one from last year!

1. Why do you think the angel said Mary had found favor with God? What kind of life do you think Mary lived up to this point to be chosen as the mother of Jesus? Luke 1:26-33

2. How do you think Mary felt when she was told she would be the mother of Jesus? How would it change you if you thought Jesus would be coming to your family? Luke 1:31-33

3. Why do you think Elisabeth's baby leapt in her womb? How did Elisabeth know Mary was carrying the baby Jesus? How can you know about spiritual things you have not seen? Luke 1:39-44

4. What did Elisabeth and Zacharias name their son? What relation was he to Jesus? How come the people did not want Elisabeth to name him John? How did Elisabeth and Zacharias know what their baby's name was supposed to be? Luke 1:57-63

5. Where did Mary and Joseph go on their journey? Why did they go there? Luke 2:3-5

6. Who was the famous leader of the land who gave the decree? Why do you think he gave the decree? Are we expected to follow the laws and leaders of our land?  Luke 2:1

7. What is another name for Bethlehem? How difficult do you think the journey was for Mary and Joseph? How is your attitude when you have to do something physically hard or emotionally difficult? What could you change?  Luke 2:4

8. Why didn't Mary and Joseph get a hotel room? How would you feel if you had turned them away that night? Do you ever turn Jesus away in your life? How? What can you do to be more open to letting him in?  Luke 2:7

9. Where were the shepherds when they heard of Jesus's birth? How do you think the shepherds felt when they saw an angel? Luke 2:8

10. What message did the angel give the shepherds? Why do you think God had the angels appear to the shepherds? Why not to someone more important or with more authority or money? Luke 2:10-12

11. Who else came with the angel to the shepherds and what did they say or do? Is music a good way to worship Jesus Christ? How can you follow their example better in your own life? Luke 2:13-14

12. After the shepherds went to see Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus what did they do with the information? You know a lot about Jesus Christ. What do you do with what you know?  Luke 2: 16-18

13. What did Mary do after all that had happened? How can we learn from her example? Luke 2:19

14. What did the wise men from the East ask the king? Why did their question trouble the king? Do you ever feel troubled or threatened when someone is better than you are at something? How do you stop feelings of jealousy? Matthew 2:1-3

15. Who did the king send to find the young child, Jesus? Why did the king say he wanted to find Jesus? What were his real intentions? Has anyone ever tried to deceive you? How can you tell truth from lies? Matthew 2:7-8

16. What guide did the wise men have to find Jesus? Why do you think Heavenly Father provided a star? What has he provided you that guides you back to Jesus? Matthew 2:9-10

17. When the wise men came to the home of Jesus, what did they do first before giving him their gifts? How often do you take the time to do as the wisemen did? How can you do better? Matthew 2:11

18. By WHOM and HOW were the wise men warned not to go back to Herod after visiting Jesus? Did they obey the warning? When have you been warned about a bad situation? What did you do about it...were you like the wisemen? Matthew 2:12

19. Why did Joseph take Mary and Jesus and move to Egypt? Did they follow the warning quickly? Do you heed advice and promptings from the Lord as quickly and as faithfully as they did? How could you do better? Matthew 2:13-14

20. What terrible thing did King Herod do after he found out the wise men went home without coming back to him? What makes some people do horrible things? Why does God allow things like that to happen?  Matthew 2:16

21.To what city did Joseph move Mary and Jesus after they left Egypt? Why? Matthew 2:23

22. What are some of the other names for Jesus Christ taught to us by an Old Testament prophet? Which name for Jesus do you love most? Why? Isaiah 9:6

23. Who is "the Word" written about in St. John 1:14? What does that title mean? What does it mean to be full of grace and truth? Are you full of those things? How would it make you a better person if you were? St. John 1:14

24. In ancient America just before the birth of Christ what did the unbelievers decide to do to all of the believers unless a sign would show itself? Why do people people get so bothered by the belief of others? How can we stay strong in our own faith and knowledge and not be swayed by those who don't believe but still be kind and respectful? 3 Nephi 1:9

25. What signs happened in ancient America the night that Jesus was born half way around the world? What significance did Christ's birth have for those living in Jerusalem and living in the new world? What significance does his birth have for us today? Share how knowing Jesus Christ has changed your life.  3 Nephi 1:15-21