Thanks to Family Share, Bon Bon Break, and Power of Moms!

Recently, a few of my articles have been reprinted on sites that I absolutely adore and feel so blessed to be a part of. They include: 
Family Share which is an amazing, uplifting site that gathers and produces really stellar content. I love being a part of it! You can see the article HERE.

Bon Bon Break which is a great, online magazine that dabbles in the important, fun, and funny parts of womanhood. You can see my article HERE.

Power of Moms which has been an inspirational virtual destination for many years as women gather together to empower each other. I should have a few articles running on their site this month!

I also wanted to take a minute to share my gratitude to all those who read and pass along what I write. I know to most casual readers, "sharing" on social media is no big deal, but to me it means the world. I notice and appreciate every time you view, comment and share, so...