Christmas Eve Tradition: The Candy Bar Game

As our extended family became too big to really buy presents for each other, we started the Candy Bar game and we all love it. We play it like the White Elephant game. Everyone brings their favorite candy bar, we all choose a number and each person picks a candy bar or can steal from a person who has already chosen. It is a fun way to keep things simple but still have a fun gift exchange.

We like to add a little excitement to the game too. When you choose your candy bar, you also choose a security envelope that has been sealed. The envelope travels with the candy bar and contains either a $1, a $5, a $10, a $20 or a $50 (you can include whatever amount you are comfortable with). When all the candy has been taken and traded, everyone opens his or her envelope to see if they won the real prize. It is a blast and the adults and kids all love it. This would work well at any type of Christmas party. Hope you have a Merry Night!

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