Cute, Custom Chore Charts for only $1

Yesterday, I wrote about the way we do chores at our house and how I struggle with keeping the kids (and myself) consistent and accountable. We go in waves of fervor, then let things go for a bit, but I don't love that. 

So, I am turning over a new leaf. I would like to help my kids understand how to keep up a working contract, and I think this can start young, at home. One thing I know is that I can't do anything too complicated or will just never stick.We are implementing SIMPLE chore charts for their 6 daily items. I think the charts will set expectations, help with self-motivation, and allow my boys to be accountable for what they have and have not done. If my children want to be paid or receive their free time, they will need to mark what has been done and have me sign off. We have tried this before with hastily made charts quickly printed off the computer or handwritten, but they seem to go away as soon as the week is over.

My friend Dani, also a Michigan blogger, has awesome, downloadable chore charts that she is offering through April 30th for only $1! Each purchase comes with 6 different downloads and you can choose a boy or girl you can customize them with your own chores, and if you laminate them, you can use them over and over again. I am so excited to get started on ours! We will be using the "Main Chart" since my boys are older, but the other charts are darling for little ones or for more specific tasks or if you want to keep it really simple. These would make a great (and cheap!) gift or girls night project and are cute enough to have hanging in a kitchen or bedroom.

To download BOY charts go HERE
To download GIRL charts go HERE

Once on the Etsy site, enter the coupon code: CHARTSFOR1, pay your $1, and you will receive an immediate download.

If you plan on printing and using all 6 charts you will also need: 

- 11 sheets of card stock paper
- 11 laminating pouches (optional)
- 6 envelopes for putting chart pieces in (optional)
- scissors
- poster putty (removable/reusable) or regular tape
Assembly and preparation time is approximately 1 hour for 6 charts.

Dani is one of those incredibly talented people, so you will want to check out her blog, The Project Lady and her Etsy Shops TwirlyBirdBaby and TwirlyBirdPatterns. I was lucky enough to live close to Dani for one year and she was constantly amazing and surprising us all with her trash to treasure finds and her longboarding skills. This woman can do EVERYTHING! 

Thanks Dani for the awesome deal!