What to do with 24 hours in Ann Arbor! Day One!

I have some good friends who will be visiting Ann Arbor this fall and I promised them a "must do" list. While there are many amazing places and eateries around town, I thought I would recommend my favorites that are unique to Michigan or things you just have to experience while in The Mitten State.

Each recommendation comes with a link to my insider tips, directions and review. I promise, you will love every second of your trip to Michigan!
*two quick tips before we get started...get reservations every where you possibly can and use the Blue Bus if you are hoping to ditch your car...it's free!


Eat breakfast at Angelos
This historic diner right on campus has a few of our breakfast favorites. On a weekend, be prepared for a bit of a wait or head in early or after the breakfast rush. 

Take a morning walk through Nichols Arbouretum "The Arb"
One of the prettiest places in all of Ann Arbor, The Arb lets you see Michigan's wild right next to the city. Bring your walking shoes.

Stroll down Main Street
If you come from a city with less of a main street, Ann Arbor's will completely blow you away. It is where I first fell in love with the city.

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Grab a souvenirs at Rock, Paper, Scissors
If you love the perfect souvenir from you travels, this store is a "must stop." There is something for everyone inside.

Outfit yourself in Michigan gear at MDEN
Don't you dare walk into the big house with your red on! This is the perfect place for all things Michigan for adults and kids!

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Eat lunch at Zingerman's and stroll through Kerrytown 
I have not reviewed Zingerman's because it's good enough for Oprah and Obama, so there isn't much more I can say. Incredible breads, meats and cheeses and just walking through the store is a treat. That being said, your sandwich will run you $15 on average...not even kidding and you will want a whole one. The first time we ate there, I about died at our tab. However, it is delicious and an Ann Arbor staple, so it is a "must visit." Beware of intense crowds. Go at "off" times or be prepared to wait.

Thrifty Thea's Red Bag Lunch

Eat lunch at Krazy Jim's Blimpie Burger
I know I already recommended a place for lunch, but I could not decide between Zingerman's and Blimpie Burger because in my mind, both are absolute musts, so I guess you will have to eat two lunches or stick around for another day. Our family adores Blimpie Burger and we are so happy it is re-opening in a new location. Opening is slated for the end of August. Happy Day! New address is 304 South Ashley Street in Ann Arbor. Click the link to see why you can't miss it!

Take a tour of the University of Michigan
This might sound "ho-hum" but it is the perfect way to understand the history of the University and therefore the city in barely over an hour. Make sure you book online before your trip!

Attend a U of M football or basketball game
If you go to a football game, you MUST walk to the stadium from central campus and down State Street. This way you can enjoy all the tailgating and people watching. Football at the big house is like nothing you will ever experience, take advantage of it if you can!

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 Catch dinner at Pacific Rim
Ann Arbor does food really well, and Pacific Rim is the perfect place to enjoy some of the best. The Asian fusion cuisine will perk up your palate and leave you wanting more. 

Want to know what to do in your next 24 hours? Tune in tomorrow! 

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